Import-Export Agent (Myanmar)

If you are Manufacturer/supplier,who would like to export your products to Myanmar(Burma), we can provide all your import services you need to Myanmar.

We have local Import agents in Myanmar, who have over 25 years of experience in working with Myanmar custom, working with FDA Myanmar (getting import permit and registration for your products) and working with other required government agency.

You can be confident that our convenient and reliable import/export agents will help you complete your product importing to Myanmar with ease and distributing your products all across regions in Myanmar.

We provide the following services
  • Trade testing.
  • Registeration and getting import permit license for your products.
  • Language translation service(English to Myanmar language).
  • Distributing your products all across regions in Myanmar.
  • Handling payment: Letters of Credits (L/C)
  • Declaring custom.
  • Shipping:Freight forwarding.

Please Contact us to find out more about Importing your product to Myanmar(Burma)